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WEB TV: Troubleshooting

Video playback issues: Due to your ISP's available bandwidth you may experience temporary  playback issues. You may also try updating your browser's Flash Player here, or installing a different browser, like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Also, try disabling ad blocking extensions (eg Adblock). 
I live abroad and I can't watch Live streaming and/or Video on demand services (WEB TV): Due to broadcasting rights, there are certain geographical limitations in Live Streaming and Video On Demand services; Live streaming: service is not available outside Cyprus. 
Video on demand: service is not available in the US. Especially for the VOD broadcasting of To soi sou TV series, the service is only available in Cyprus.
Apart from geographical limitations, which shows are available either on Live streaming or on Video on demand? To find out which shows are available, consult the TV listings page, looking for the LS and WEB TV buttons.
Video playback issues on portable devices: Both Live Streaming and Web TV services are available on Alpha Mobile App, free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Alpha Mobile App download is limited to Greek and Cyprus app stores. Geo-blocking limitations apply.

I would like to watch Web TV on my TV: Read the detailed instructions found here -only in Greek.

I still want more info: We'd love to hear from you, so do get in touch.